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The purpose of Church of the Spiritual Path is to promote spiritual Unity with the Creator and all living things on our Mother Earth.

Within this purpose the Church's objectives are to protect, conserve, support, educate, and promote Indigenous cultural, social, medicinal and spiritual values through:

Working towards the unification of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and their organizations, to intensify efforts in search for peace, harmony, and mutual support.

Providing all people with spiritual and healing ceremonies, and cultural events.

Presenting public and private lectures and workshops on topics pertaining to the promotion and preservation of Indigenous culture, our natural environment, and natural healing.

Acting as a consulting agent and educational resource of spiritual and cultural information for community groups, schools and public institutions.

Establishing ongoing ties with native and non-native organizations.

Mobilizing needed action in support of environmental, indigenous, and human rights organizations.

Supporting Indigenous peoples of the world in their plight and struggle for survival and preservation of our Mother Earth. Our survival and strength lies in the unity of our families, our clans, our communities, our peoples.

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